Welcoming Rising Tide Society to Hood River

Guess what? We've been selected to represent Hood River and the greater Columbia Gorge area as a leader for the Rising Tide Society. A community of Creative Entrepreneurs, Small Business CEO’s, and Weekend Warriors committed to educating and empowering one another to thrive. Oh, yeah!

Founders Natalie Franke and Krista Jones state: “For years we have worked to overcome comparison and competition in our market in order to cultivate thriving businesses side by side. In turn, discovering that we are stronger united than we could ever be apart. Building a business can be challenging, but the struggles are not so overwhelming when you are surrounded by community that cares.”

Within days of launching the movement went international, and is now available to local businesses. We will host a meet-up on the second Tuesday of every month, called Tuesdays Together. This will provide an opportunity for local creative entrepreneurs to share our knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow together.

For more information please visit the RisingTideSociety.com. To stay in the know for meet-ups throughout the Columbia Gorge, please join our group on Facebook, TuesdaysTogether- Hood River, Oregon.