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Hello lovely…

The world is a bit crazy right now—but we wanted to bring some calm to all of the chaos by quickly touching base with you. We’re excited to share some important updates and lessons learned, as well as give you a peek into what we’ve been working on! 

You still have a cause for celebration right around the corner — and we’re still committed to making that happen. As wedding planners, we’re here to shift, sacrifice, shoulder stresses, and stifle fires so you don’t have to—and that’s exactly what we’re prepared to do to ensure your experience is as seamless and celebratory as possible! 

I founded Union Event Co with a vision to help couples relax and remain present on their wedding day — and none of that has changed. Plus, because so much our process can easily be done digitally – our communication with vendors, digital design process, and coordination checklists are all still going strong without any interruption or setbacks. 

We’re currently working with our spring couples to reschedule their weddings as seamlessly as possible, which requires a tremendous amount of effort and communication (so if we’ve been a bit slow to respond – know that we are working diligently to get to all client requests!). 

It’s fair to say our work schedule has shifted just a bit. While our office hours remain the same, we’ve blocked out Tuesdays and Thursdays to solely work with spring-wedding clients who have immediate rescheduling needs. 

Finally, it goes without saying you are the heart of our events—keeping you healthy comes above all else. For the time being, we’ve shifted all meetings to take place via phone and video conference, etc. 

While we’ve rescheduled weddings due to family emergencies or unforeseen events in the past, we’ve never had to handle this many reschedules all at once. It goes without saying that, now, more than ever, we are acutely aware of the importance of clear communication and having a Plan B. 

Navigating this tricky time has only reinforced our roles as creative problem solvers and go-to industry experts for our couples. It’s our job to ensure our couples are prepared for anything and everything—and, as we’re thinking through everything we’ve learned in these past few weeks, we wanted to offer up some top tips for couples who need to (or might need to) start formulating a backup plan: 

1. Reach out to your venue for information regarding postponements. Many venues are opening remaining dates to couples getting married within the next 60-90 days without any additional fees. Compare calendars and ask for a ‘first right of refusal’ on the best available date. Essentially this puts a hold on the date while you reach out to your vendor team, i.e. the venue will give you the first right to refuse if another couple requests the same date. 

2. Reach out to your vendor team with your new potential date. As a courtesy and convenience, we recommend keeping all vendors in your event on ONE email. If you are looking at multiple dates, our couples have had success sending a Doodle to gauge availability (and it’s free!) 

3. Take a deep breath. 🧘🏻‍♀️ 

4. Reach out to your family, friends and loved ones – sharing the news of your new (and still best day ever!) wedding date. This can be as simple as sending an email/text message, or as elaborate as sending out a postponement card (yes, those are a thing now). 

5. Take another deep breath, and schedule a call with our team to check in, review next steps, and get back on track to planning your perfect wedding day.  

As your wedding planning team, it’s our job—and our privilege!—to be here for you now more than ever. While we may have to do some shifting and rescheduling, know that we’re here to support and guide you as we make sure your vision for your dream day comes to life (regardless of what the world throws at us along the way). 

I’m so happy we got to touch base with you and just want to remind you that your party will go on — I promise.  

We’ve got this.

Stephanie and the Ladies of Union Event Co

A Letter from Stephanie Laur in the midst of COVID-19, Union Event Co


As Your Wedding Planner During COVID-19

The world is a bit crazy right now—but as your wedding planner during COVID-19, we wanted to bring some calm to all of the chaos by quickly touching base with you.

A Letter from Stephanie Laur in the midst of COVID-19, Union Event Co

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