Meet the Team – Ally Walsh, aka Wonderwoman

February 8, 2019


Meet the Team - Ally Walsh with Union Event Co

Ally has joined the Union Event Co team and we are over the moon about it! We instantly knew we were meant to meet and add her to our UEco tribe. Ally is behind the scenes gettin’ it done – creating beautiful weddings, providing stellar client experiences, and getting to know our favorite weddings pros… so basically she is wonderwoman.

We asked Ally to write a little about herself to introduce who she is, so let’s get to know her a little better!

How did your wedding planning journey begin?  
I felt inspired by the industry and the people in it!

What do you value?
Hard work, authentic and positive vibes, friends and family, a great sense of humor!

What do you want your Ideal Client to know?
We can’t wait to help make your vision a reality! Everything will come together for your special day, and you should be able to just enjoy every minute of it- stress free!

What sets you apart?
My amazing team, and fresh, new and creative style.

Where have you traveled?
All over the PNW, Florida Keys, Northern California, Utah, Texas, Whistler, the Bahamas, and across the midwest! I’m originally from Chicago.

What are your quirks?
Oh that’s a tough one. I sometimes sing about things happening around me.

What are your favorite things?
My Hubby and dog, yoga, huge trees, traveling to new places, relaxing on the water, houseplants and noodles! To name a few.

What is your favorite coffee order? Iced americano with a little vanilla!

Meet the Team - The Ladies of Union Event Co

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Beauty: Pearl and Blush
Stylist: Robin Allen Style
Photography: Katie Dessin Photography
Venue: Shop Adorn


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